Why Consider Tinting?
Window tinting will make your car or truck, house or building more attractive, adds privacy, blocks warmth and generates an even look that significantly enhances resale value. In addition, it can lessen the probability of vandalism or theft and might prevent serious harms that result from glass.

Automobile Window Tinting
Professional Window Tinting Services
Immediate Windscreens & Tinting top range of quality automotive tinting products represent the very best in design, comfort and year round protection against the suns harsh solar beams.
As auto tint professional’s we promise that our window tinting products will make sure you enjoy your driving experience regular, even under the hottest circumstances.
Installing tinting on your car or truck provides improved UV light protection, enhance your comfort by keeping you warmer, enhance privacy and enhance glare reduction.
Our specialist car window tinting services may even increase the re-sale worth of your car or truck by protecting your cars upholstery and furnishings in the suns harsh UV rays.
Our specialist array of tinted safety window films may help protect your vehicle against possible vandals and theft.
Our superior array of EMS window tinting reduces wireless interference making use of the newest electromagnetic materials out there.
Ask us about Australia’s darkest legal tints, our Premium 35 window movie is going to keep you cool on the hottest of days.

Residential Tinting
For Your Home, Office or Shop
Large expanses of glass in our homes and offices are becoming more popular since designers produce a greater stability between inside and outside spaces. Nevertheless this may result in remarkable energy- sapping heat, bothersome warmth, harmful ultra violet rays, and also a lack of solitude. In Instant Window Tinting, you may select from a wide variety of energy saving movies, that reduce heat and glare or non reflective movies to allow you to enjoy nighttime perspectives without viewing too much inner reflection on your windows. Here is some advantages for our solar movie range.
•    cubes 79 percent of solar heat maintaining your house and workplace cooler
•    higher security, blocks 98 percent of harmful UV rays
•    better solitude
•    better energy efficiency, reducing energy prices – all year round!
•    radically reduces fading of carpets, drapes and furniture
•    WERS rated, Building Energy Rating Scheme (Commercial Buildings)
Night Series Film
Night Series retrofit movie utilized by Instant Window Tinting provides an uninterrupted, non-reflective prognosis, night and day quite similar to glass that is clear. Unlike clear glass additionally, it gives day time solitude, reduces glare, solar heating and damage resulting from UV rays.
The nighttime series is rated from the Building Energy Rating Scheme (Commercial Buildings).
Neutral Film
Instant Window Tinting utilizes M.E.P Neutral Film using the innovative sputtering technologies to use several layers of different metals into one bit of film. This leads to unique colours and high degrees of transmission and fortified glass.
Neutral movie is reflective supplying excellent daytime privacy in addition to providing excellent solar heating protection under intense circumstances.

Professional Window Tinting
To The Office, Business or Shop
Thinking about tinting your workplace, business or factory? In Instant Windscreens & Tinting we’ve got the tint that is ideal for your business’ requirements, personality and price range.
Whether you are following tinting for looks, comfort or safety, we can assist with a excellent array of quality goods, consisting of cosmetic, safety, anti-graffiti and solar tints.
All tints are offered at competitive rates and are set up to the greatest standards by our experienced staff.
•    cubes 79 percent of solar heat maintaining your house and workplace cooler
•    higher security, blocks 98 percent of harmful UV rays
•    greater solitude
•    higher energy efficiency, reducing energy prices – all year round!
•    radically reduces fading of drapes, carpets and furniture
•    WERS rated, Building Energy Rating Scheme (Commercial Buildings)
Decorative & Designer Pictures
Create an effect on your clients and clients. Cosmetic window films turn plain glass surfaces to magnificent features that impress, and increase the visual presentation of your enterprise.
Window movies come in a broad range of designs, colors and frosts, and they are completely customisable, so that you can produce a quality that fits with your business’ branding and style.
Safety & Security Films
Shield your clients, employees and company. Safety and security films protected glass in case of a breakage, they reduce the possibility of injury from flying glass and shield your glass from harm.
Safety and security films are the sensible and economical method to safeguard your company from vandalism, theft, severe weather, industrial injuries and much more.
Anti-Graffiti Films
Pick from our anti-graffiti movies for cheap protection to your window glass. They supply a ‘sacrificial’ clear coating that covers your own glass in the event of graffiti and vandalism, they enable for simple removal, and leave your glass free of harm.
Anti-graffiti movies protect windows, stainless steel surfaces and screens contrary to spray paints, markers, scratching, gouging, chemical etching, and regular wear and tear.
Solar Films
improve the comfort and safety of your company, whilst also saving on cooling and heating expenses. Our solar movies block 99 percent of damaging UV rays, reduce glare up to 93 percent and help to jump start your business for superior heating in winter and cooling in summer.
Solar movies offer you greater solitude without obscuring your view. They decrease the fading of drapes, carpets and furniture, are WERS (Window Energy Rating Scheme) graded, and also look good!
Non-Reflective Movies
Our non-reflective films offer you an uninterrupted prognosis, exactly like glass. Unlike glass nevertheless, they also offer protection against heating, solar heat and UV rays, in addition to superior privacy throughout the day. Fantastic for window tinting!
Reflective Films
For those seeking to improve the privacy of the office or construction we provide reflective movies that obscure the view in your small business. These pictures also provide protection against glare, solar heat and UV rays, whilst strengthening the glass to safety.

Advantages Of Tinting
Why You Need to Tint?
Visible Light Transmission
Ultra Solar Movies utilized by Immediate Windscreens & Tinting decrease the percent of visible light (daylight) which enters through glass enhancing relaxation and working circumstances. The movie also raises the degree of privacy and reduces excess light transmission.
Ultraviolet (UV) Absorption
Immediate Windscreens & Tinting use special absorbers that filter around 99 percent of those lethal ultraviolet (UV) rays that are connected to melanoma and cause cataracts along with the fading of buildings and vehicles.
Full Heat Rejection
Ultra Solar Movies decrease elevated levels of visible light and invisible infrared heating and enhance the window film’s capacity to reject heat. This subsequently enhances energy cooling systems and reduces energy intake.

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