Did you know motorists in the Europe have a higher rate of skin cancer in their left side because of exposure when driving?
Following is a scientific truth which the majority of men and women find difficult to believe:
Damage from UV rays is cumulative since they penetrate deep into skin and may quietly accelerate the aging process, cause wrinkles and skin cancer. In reality, research indicates that motorists in the Europe have a higher rate of skin cancer in their left side because of exposure whilst driving.
Why put up with this danger if you don’t need to anymore? Tinted windows blocks over 99 percent of damaging UV rays.

Window film helps maintain the colour of fabrics, carpets and hardwood flooring.
If you have recently furnished or redecorated your house, good for you. There is nothing greater than a fresh new appearance. But dangerous ultraviolet rays may make things seem old quickly. By blocking over 99 percent of UV rays, window filmfeatures protection for those things you love and have special significance to you personally. It will help maintain the colour of materials, carpets and hardwood flooring and help shield fine antiques, forests and functions of art from discoloration and fading.
UVA rays streaming through your own house windows not only negatively impact your own furnishings, but are harmful to your skin and eyes and might result in premature aging, and cause skin cancer. With one from five developing skin cancer nowadays, why live with this danger? It’s a micro thin film that’s transparent so that you may enjoy the view with no UV.
Window filmwas recommended by dermatologists as the other skin protected preventive measure for patients using diminished sensitivity, skin associated diseases and cancers of the skin. The seal is given to products which protect against skin cancer, such as sunscreens. Help change the likelihood for your loved ones. Make Window film component of the sun safety application. You can never be too secure.
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